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cbj sez "thanks!"VERBALASSAULT.COM is written, designed and maintained by Christopher Jones, the former singer and lyricist for the band. All praise and glory for the layout are mine; likewise, the crushing shame of any typos or screw-ups rests with me exclusively.

Graham Batting drew the original "screaming guy" logo, and I designed the "7th Seal" and "eyes" logos. If I have the info, I've tried to credit all of the photos on the site where they appear. Many thanks to Chris Gorman, who took the photograph on the flyer for the final show, as well as quite a few others that we have up here, including the ones we use in the CD artwork that accompanies the "MP3" section.

Since the last big overhaul of in March of 2003, I also want to thank Kevin Young for his work on the video clips, along with Dennis McCoy, Karin Erikson and Jack McKenna. Thanks also to Gogo, Sponge, Richard Corbridge and Chris Petit for buffing out Gallery 4 in the "Photo" section (as well as everyone else who has contributed VA pix).

Very special thanks to Dave Stein and Jesse Labrocca for their help and encouragement in getting this website started.

© 2003-8 Christopher Jones

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