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  • What the hell is this?: an introduction by Chris Jones
  • What's on verbalassault.com?: a breakdown of the site

intro: what the hell is this?

"screaming guy" logoVERBAL ASSAULT was an American hardcore punk band that started in Newport, Rhode Island. We played our first show on 21 November 1983, released a demo (The Masses), three EP's (Learn, On and Exit), a 7" ("Tiny Giants") and an album (Trial). Throughout the '80's we toured North America and Europe extensively, and played our last show on 4 August 1991. (To find out more about what we did and when we did it, visit the history section of this site.)

Verbalassault.com came about while planning the rerelease of our studio recordings, all of which have been harder to find as time goes on. (The first in the series, Volume One: The Masses and Learn, is out now. See the CD section for more details.) Though there have been a lot of delays in getting this going (as many of you already know), it's also given me time to develop the site and, most importantly, to hear from a lot of people about what the band meant to them.

"7th seal" logoIt's that feedback-both very positive and inspiring-which has pushed me to make this website the most comprehensive record of Verbal Assault that I can (You can scroll down or click here for a complete breakdown of what va.com has to offer.) I want this to be more than a way to flog our wares over the Internet (though we do offer shirts for sale in our merch section); I hope that this site fires up some fond memories for the folks that remember us when we were around, and gives those of you who never heard or saw us a chance to find out what we were about.

"eyes" logoI don't suppose it's possible to have a website dedicated to a band that split up (amicably) over a decade ago and have it not be a bit of a nostalgia trip. (And no, we're not going to have any reunion shows.) But I think what Verbal Assault was about-heavy, melodic hardcore that in some ways was ahead of its time; lyrics that tried to be thoughtful without sloganeering; and a politically progressive stance that avoided being dogmatic-still has relevance today.

Verbal Assault was, in short, more than music, and that's something that's worth keeping out there. After checking out the site I hope you agree. (Either way, feel free to write and tell us what you think.)

Christopher Jones

(Christopher Jones was the lead singer and lyricist for Verbal Assault. He designed-and does his best to maintain-verbalassault.com.)

what's on va.com

what's new Updates on the site, our planned rereleases, and any other bright ideas that we've had.
Links to recent (and not-so-recent) press, interviews, etc.
history A chronology of the band, plus what happened to the former members and any projects that they're working on now.
cd's Information on and ordering links for the first rerelease CD, Volume One: The Masses and Learn (Mendit). There are also two songs from the CD ("What Do You Do?" and "Learn"), available as MP3's.
merch T-shirts that we have for sale through the website.
video Five video clips from a couple of 1988 Rhode Island shows. Plus, a video from pro-BMXer Dennis McCoy which uses our song "Alive" as the soundtrack.
audio (mp3's) A va.com exclusive. Some cool live tracks from a great 1988 gig in Amsterdam, Holland, plus downloadable artwork for your burned CD.
lyrics All of the words to the songs, plus the original liner notes.
flyers Nine show posters from some Rhode Island gigs that we played.
photos Extensive galleries of live shots of VA through the years.
contact How to write us.
credits/outro Find out where the blame for va.com lies specifically.

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