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Here are some links to an 11 April 2006 interview with Dylan Roy and Chris Jones, which originally aired on Jeff Terranova's Anti-Emo Empire radio show on WNHU FM 1 May 2006:

1. Click here to go to the show's archived interviews page and scroll down a little bit. (Lots of other great interviews on this page as well.)

2. Click here to go directly to the interview.

[Note that you will need Windows Media Player to use either of these links.]

3. Click here for an MP3 of the interview (76 MB/55:26)

Jeff is old school and knows a lot about the early East Coast hardcore scenes, so he asks a lot of interesting questions. At the time, I had just finished writing the liner notes for the upcoming Verbal Assault rerelease CD (Volume Two) and had been thinking a lot about the band and what we did. The result is that the interview is almost an oral mini-history of VA and the Rhode Island HC scene in the '80's and '90's.

Best of all, Dylan puts his two cents in, so it isn't just blah blah blah from me for an hour...check it out!

anti-emo empire

Click here to read a 28 February 2003 interview with (big surprise) Christopher Jones, conducted by Patrick Whittle. how's your edge? com

Click here to read More Than Music!?, an essay by Christopher Jones that accompanies a photo exhibition of the same name that has been recently touring Germany. (Six photos from the exhibition are here as well.) more than music

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