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01.05.08: During December 18th through December 20th, 2007, we got all of the material for the Volume Two CD (which includes the Trial LP, the "Tiny Giants" 7", and the On and Exit EPs) together for remastering and a little remixing (more on that in a moment). In attendance were Doug Ernest (drums), Dylan Roy (bass) and Christopher Jones (vox). Pete Chramiec (guitar) was out in Olympia, WA and couldn't make it, but we kept him abreast of everything as we were doing it.

We did the work at Brikhaus Studios here in Newport, with our main man Scott Rancourt engineering. Here's how it went:

(l to r:) Chris, Doug & Dylan at Brikhaus Studio

 chris, doug & dyl

We had the original final mixes of the songs from Trial, so we just transferred those from the tapes. The On and Exit EPs we took from the last CD that came out on Groove. That went quickly, and all of the songs sound just like the original releases.

Scott at the controls...


However, we didn't have the original final mixes for the songs "More Than Music" and "Tiny Giants" (from the 7"), though we did have the 24-track tapes. For "More Than Music" we pretty much stuck to the original sound (the song was recorded during the Trial sessions), and the remix isn't that much different from what came out on the single.

"Tiny Giants" was trickier. Intentionally or not (and to tell the truth, we can't remember which one it was) the song was definitely speeded up during the mastering, so the final mix on the 7" sounds a lot faster than it was originally recorded.

Going back to the tapes, we kept the tempo as we really played it, and restored some nice additional guitar tracks that Pete did which didn't make it into the final mix.

The result is that the song seems a bit slower (and to be honest, perhaps a little sluggish), but we also think it's more "honest": for better or worse, that's how the song actually came out when we laid it down. But the vocals sound better now and the additional guitar rounds out the tune as well. Frankly, none of us were ever happy with the final result when we committed "Tiny Giants" to tape, but with this mix we think you really get a better idea of what we were doing.

Doug and Dylan in the studio.

 doug & dylan

Finally, we sequenced all the tracks in chronological order, and Scott is putting the final touches on everything right now.

All of us think the remastering sounds great, and we're really looking forward to having everyone hear this stuff again when the Volume Two CD comes out later this year.

Extra special thanks to Scott, who really busted his butt to make this whole thing happen...CBJ

10.19.07: Added links to audio of an interview with Dylan Roy and Chris Jones on the "LINKS, ETC." page.

06.15.07: Updated postage and shipping rates in the "MERCH" section.

05.18.07: Still tweaking the site: moved the "LINKS" section from "HOME" to it's own page.

04.24.07: Progress continues on work on the Volume Two CD (which will have all of our studio material from the Trial album through the Exit EP)...moving in fits & starts, but we're getting there...On the website: doing some housecleaning (fixing broken links, etc.), and coming next, rare live tracks from a radio show we did in 1986 and from a show in Italy in 1989.

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