Live in Amsterdam at Van Hall 1988

Here are ten songs from the last show of our first European tour. (Please note they aren't from the live LP released on Your Choice Records--that was recorded a year later in Alzey, Germany.) Although the quality of the recording isn't perfect, I think they accurately capture the spirit and feel of a great Verbal Assault gig, and while we wouldn't want to formally release them, they're good enough to put up on the site.


Audio Quality

Though we tinkered a bit with the sound during mastering, this is essentially a straight board tape from the only cassette that I own. There's some phasing between speakers that can be a little annoying, though you don't notice it as much when you listen to the tracks with headphones or on nicer equipment.

Info & Thank-yous

All material was recorded by Marq on Tuesday, 14 June 1988 at the Van Hall in Amsterdam, Holland.

Mastered and sequenced by John Jacobson at Sound Station Seven, Providence, RI on 23 August 2000.

Pete Chramiec-guitar

Doug Ernest-drums

Darren Mock-bass 

Christopher Jones-vox

Jay Toste-the road crew of one

All music by Verbal Assault. All lyrics by Jones. (Except "Doesn't Make It Alright" by D. Goldberg/Jerry Dammers.)

Thanks to Jack for the artwork, JJ, Marq and Hetty Zwart for making all of this possible, and special thanks to everyone who was there at the gig for making it such a good time.

Download the Artwork (see below)

The artwork (by Jack McKenna) is a three page .pdf file. For best results, print it out on glossy photographic paper, then trim the pages to fit the jewel case. Fold the first page in half to make the cover and insert. The second page is for the back of the jewel case. The third is for a CD label (if you really want to go all out).

Don't worry if the artwork appears blurry when viewing it in Acrobat Reader-it will print out fine. MAKE SURE TO PRINT THE FILE OUT IN "LANDSCAPE" (i.e., the "long way" on a sheet of paper) OR THE ARTWORK ON THE FIRST PAGE WILL BE CUT OFF

The "cover only" artwork is just that (good for a mobile device).

CD-formatted Artwork

Download this with your live tracks!

Downloads-Live in Amsterdam 1988

The Price We Pay (mp3)


Jam #1 (mp3)


Trial (mp3)


Heal (mp3)


Jam #2 (mp3)


Search (mp3)


Scared (mp3)


Backstab (mp3)


Doesn't Make It Alright (mp3)


Tiny Giants (mp3)